Modesty means nothing to the Millennials

I recently attended a school play in Sweden where my husband’s niece was performing. She is 9. The play had a scene about dictatorship versus democracy. The theater platform was divided into two sections. On the left hand side dictatorship was shown with a bunch of students dressed in orange jail jumpsuits, and some students as prison guards who were throwing the prisoners around. At the same time, on the right hand side, democracy was represented by some students wearing bikinis and shorts by the beach who were enjoying ”mocktails” with colorful umbrella sticks in them.

I thought to myself ”what a poor representation of democracy?”. Kids from this early age are learning such a shallow rendition of a concept that has so much depth and intent behind it. No wonder the Millennials are the way they are. The terms freedom and democracy are being thrown around interchangeably. As if they mean the same thing, and furthermore, the terms freedom and limitlessness apparently have the same connotation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Millennials that I personally love, but let’s be honest, as a generation, they are not one of our top favorites. It feels like the new-age kids live in a parallel world. A world where “responsibility” has no place in it. A world where if things are not “fun”, they are for others to deal with. A world where there are a lot of “shortcuts”, and words such as “honor”, “decency”, “selflessness”, “religion”, “modesty”, and “courtesy” mean nothing. A world where taking pictures of oneself is considered an OK thing to do, whereas it really is “narcissism” to its absolute sense.

But whose fault is it? The school play made me think that certainly we are to blame for. If we show the youth that democracy is the same as lying next to the beach naked, and that democracy is what we should strive for, then of course we will end up with  generations X, Y, and Z who live towards this shallow goal.

We are not doing a great job of directing the new generation towards a more decent future. I know, I know, decent is a relative term. But come on! The future seems dark and bleak from where we are standing. We weren’t great, but every generation needs to be better, not worse than its predecessors. At the same time that we are not doing a great job of guiding our children, we are also unable to have religion guide our children. They make us feel stupid by asking questions like, how do you know that there is a God? Does this mean that millions of people who don’t believe will burn in hell? And we just look at them without a clue, and sometimes even question our own faith.

Often parents face children who call them close-minded or irrational for being guided by religion. If you think about it, claiming that God doesn’t exist because there are no proofs, is more close-minded than saying that I believe that God exists even though I have not seen any proof.

Let’s look at an example: you and I, both have lost our keys. I say I believe that the key is somewhere in our home since the last place I remember was having it here at home so I am going to look for it. You say that since you cannot see the key, the key is not in the house. I then ask you, have you really searched for it? and if you have, for how long?

The example is a silly one, but it proves a point. It proves how silly those questions sound when we are talking about worldly objects.

I often say that proof of God is everywhere. In every molecule of nature, there is God. We spend years to build a small robot that moves like a cheetah, and it still lacks many characteristics of a cheetah. So how can we think that everything is by chance? With 100% planning, and hard work, we are not able to create one of God’s creations!

It sounds to me that we need to educate ourselves, and educate the youth so that we protect our planet. We talk about Global Warming, and environmental pollution all the time, but if we really put our focus on the pollution of the education system, we may cover a much greater area of improvement.

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