How far is the MeToo movement going to go? When are women going to take some real action?

The first time I heard about the MeToo movement, it was in regards to the Harvey Weinstein case. I thought to myself, “finally, women are speaking up!”. Then I started following up, and reading some of the stories out there. It had become almost inevitable to ignore the movement as it was becoming bigger, and bigger every day.  When my favourite show’s main character, Kevin Spacey got thrown out of “The House of Cards”, I was a bit disappointed. At that instance, I became a bit concerned on whether the allegations were all coming from the right place or not.

In many of the stories, the women were either tipsy, drunk, alone in a man’s hotel room, alone with a man that was not their husband or relative, the woman had started kissing the man, but didn’t want to continue, the man was in the position of power, and the woman later had gotten something out of that encounter, and many more instances. It made me think about the role of women in all of this.

Do women have no part to play in any of those horrific incidents? According to the Islamic rulings, almost all of the cases that I have read upon, the woman was as much guilty as the man in making that “sexual harassment” incident happen. Therefore, religiously speaking, in most of those cases, both men, and women could claim #MeToo.

You may ask how are women to blame for? In the “Western or westernised” societies, women should be free to wear whatever they like, even if that is to wear almost nothing, and be almost naked. They are free to go to any man’s room, or house, and be able to say do not touch me even though I am wearing my sexiest outfit, and playing with my hair while I bend to pick up my bag on the floor. Because men should be in control.

  • First of all, this is against human nature. The male gender is a more sexual being than his female counter part. Men are less in control of their sexual desires than women. This is a scientific fact.
  • Secondly, why are women testing men’s limits every day? If you do not wish to be sexually objectified, and later on harassed, then why dress up in the most sexually desirable clothing? Do you want to prove to the world that men have less control of their genital parts? Science has already done that, so your efforts are worthless.
  • Thirdly, us, women are not as strong as men, and cannot fight back if we are in situations where we might be in danger. This is also a scientific fact. So why would we put ourselves in situations where we may be in danger.
  • Lastly, alcohol is proven to make one less in control of any situation.

I have been asked many times, why do I wear hijab. Why do I not drink alcohol? Why, why, why? To protect myself. Why would I want to show my inner-thighs to a man that is not my husband, and expect him to not look? Why would I show my cleavage to a non-mahram and tell him “my face is up here”? To all people who claim that you solely believe in science; “Islam is not against science”. All of the above scientific facts have been covered by the Quran many many years ago.

Of course, I am not saying that every case of rape in the history is a case where a women was to blame for. Islam has as many rulings on men, if not more, than on women. Men must control their gaze, and men must also not be alone in a room with a non-mahram woman. In this post, I am not trying to take men’s side or women’s side on who is to blame for. Both genders must take responsibility which in my opinion is overlooked in many of these cases.

There are cases of sexual harassment, and rape that happen to women whom have no part to play, and they are completely helpless. Rape, and sexual harassment are awful, and we need to stop them from happening to anyone of any gender. We can start by protecting ourselves. Just as we put a lock on our house-door to stop thieves from coming in, why do we not put hijab on our bodies to prevent harassment! Of course, thieves may still be able to come in and steal, but we have certainly brought down the likelihood, and the same goes for our bodies.  Why walk on the edge of the cliff, when we can walk on the pedestrian crossing? Why test the limits of our opposite gender and play with fire?

MeToo Movement
Viki Odintcova- a Russian model trying a stunt

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do. – Quran Verse 24:30

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