ASOS Crop Top for Men is causing some stir!

Just two days after I posted my title ”Feminism, Capitalism, & Islam – What is equality? Being a man?”,  I saw this news popping up in my Google news feed:

I am not sure whether the designer behind this top was trying to prove any point or not. So I did a little research of my own. I found that this little item has stirred quite a bit of controversy among the social-medialites.

Isn’t this funny? How ASOS selling a male crop-top is such a big issue!? Women have been embracing it for quite sometime now. From the likes of the Kardashian’s to the Hadid’s are wearing them- Moreover, we have seen a lot of women following them as their role models. Showing off their toned/not-so-toned abs in crop-tops.

I am guessing, when a woman does it, it’s sexy and feminist, but when a man does it, his masculinity is put under question. Ladies! wearing less is not more! Men stand up and protect their sexuality. It is time that we do the same.

Oh and kudos to ASOS for proving a point by using a good marketing strategy! Out of Stock! LOL, Really?

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