Modern Modesty – Where do we draw the line?

There was a time when modesty meant modesty, grace, virtue, chastity, فضيلة ,حياء ,عفة.

Today, specially amongst the youth, it has become more of a fashion thing. A thing we do to feel sexy, to sell clothes, to look good, to cover our bad hair days. The purpose has been lost somewhere between “trying to fit in with the Western standards” and “pleasing our families” to “not letting go of our culture”.

These are some of the instagram posts by some of our fellow muslim sisters that show you a glimpse of how modesty has been overthrown by fashion.

When did purple lips, tight jeans, high heels that show off our ankles, and loose turbans become the definition of a modern modest woman? Do we follow the religion of Fatima (A.S)? Does the print of the name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) on our sweatshirt indicate our grace?

Aren’t we making a joke of what we believe in by simplifying it to a piece of fabric on our heads? Is this where we draw the line? A piece of fabric wrapped around our heads.

With the current trend, it is becoming more difficult everyday to defend why we cover ourselves the way we do. At least for me it is more of a challenge to explain what I believe in to a non-believer, let alone, promoting the purpose of it all.

Every religion has a distinctive quality, modesty is that of Islam.

Prophet (S.A.W)

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